They’re everywhere vying for our attention, and the great ones are impossible to ignore. They really can make you laugh, act, and even cry.


Documentary Narration

My personal favorite, documentaries are just long enough to get some real depth in a story, and are packed with cool info that I’m usually just as excited to learn as I am to voice.


These are designed to be the most compelling :15 and :30 on television, and often they succeed.

That, my friend, is a pic of a rocket factory. You won´t see many of these

Industrial Narration

These are fun for me since there are usually less time restrictions, room to be a little free with the text, and on the technical ones I sometimes get the bonus of some tips on Internet security.



These are the kinds of ads people love to hate, but they really can be thrilling to work on, and uplifting when done well.

ChildrenChildren’s Stories

I love kids, and there is really nothing better than sharing a wonderful story with someone that isn’t leary of what you’re trying to sell them, or jaded by the media hailstorm that surrounds us adults.

As a side note, I’m very proud of the work I have done as a founding member of Always Saturday that uses songs and stories to raise money for organizations that work with medically fragile kids. Click on the link to learn more.