My clients are what matter, and I strive to create the best possible outcome for each and every voiceover project. These testimonials illustrate my dedication to my clients and my commitment to crafting a product that hits the mark every single time .

“Dan is not only an extremely professional voice actor that turns feedback into results quickly and efficiently- he’s also a top notch guy. Dan is engaging from the moment you strike up a conversation, and don’t be surprised if he has you laughing within the first 30 seconds of a recording session. Working with Dan is a rare combination of good conversation, a little fun, and exceptional work.”

Katie Leonard – Hidden Woods Media

“Mr. Fishman represents the apex of expertise in voice acting.  He is responsive, flexible, and fantastic to work with.  In addition to his wide range of styles, the quality of his media is superb. Five stars – highly recommend.”

Nathan Clendenin – CEO, StoryDriven

“Dan is, without question, the best voiceover artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Actually, he might be the only one whom it’s actually been a true pleasure to work with. Not only is Dan amicable, flexible, and an all-around great guy; he also has an inimitable range, and intuition, that’s immediately apparently and continuously impressive. I wouldn’t just recommend Dan; I’d recommend you not waste the time researching anyone else and, instead, simply hire him now.”

Sam Rosen – SVP Growth, at The Atlantic

“At Advanced Instructional Design dynamic eLearning content is our standard and professional, broadcast audio is paramount.  For eLearning content that requires voice over work, our designers and producers call Voices By Fishman first.  Voices By Fishman delivers outrageous VO without the outrageous broadcast prices.  eLearning can often be dry material to sit through but VO’s produced by Dan Fishman give even desert dry content a spark that keeps learners engaged.  Research has shown that poor video quality can be tolerated, but poor audio gets shutdown in a heartbeat.  Quality is never a concern with Voices By Fishman.  Dan produces fluid, dynamic VO’s quickly and is equally as responsive if script changes are required, and there are always changes.  It’s never a problem with Voices By Fishman.  No Prima Donna syndrome with Dan.  He is a pleasure to work with.  When Advanced Instructional Design needs VO, Voices By Fishman is the way we go.”

David Bongiovanni – Advanced Instructional Design