VOG (Voice of God) Demo

VOG Demo

VOG, or “Voice of God” voiceover refers to the voice(s) you hear at a live event or live production. The voice usually comes out of the audio system, but you don’t see the person who is speaking. (Or, as if the voice comes from the sky… why they call it VOG).

This demo showcases some projects I’ve worked on. And showcase the authoritative, warm, and friendly voice that I use to hype up an audience, or just let them know what’s happening next. Sometimes I’ll give basic instructions to follow. Almost like a flight attendant giving safety procedures before a flight, but without the inflatable devices and oxygen masks.

If you need some voice tracks for your next event, or even walk up announcements for your son or daughter’s Little League team, please contact me. (Actually, If you’re really looking for walk up announcers and music for your kids, check out this app a friend told me about, it’s pretty cool, and inexpensive http://www.ballparkdj.com/.)