E-Learning Voiceover Demo

E-learning demo illustration for voiceover by Voices by FishmanE-Learning Voiceover Demo

I love to learn, about everything and anything. The best way to really learn something is to teach someone else. So, e-learning voiceover is one of the best perks of my job as a voiceover artist.

Whether it’s learning about changing brake calipers, security protocol for web design, or the benefits of providing clean water for rural communities, my passion for learning about each of these topics translates into an engaging and captivating voiceover for the project.

It’s so important to insure that the voice that’s guiding the training connects to the end user. A key to making sure that that connection isn’t broken is a consistent, high quality, professional voice track.  Erroneous noises, un-natural voice sounds, and poor audio edits, will break that focus and is distracting to the learner.

Voice By Fishman takes great pride and care when creating voice tracks to insure that the final delivered product gives your e-learning project an engaging and professional tone.