Let’s Get Started: How Does the Voiceover Process Work?

Here are a few things to think about in advance regarding the voiceover process. I want to make everything as streamlined as possible for all clients, so please try to provide the following information about your project. (You can also fill out this form and all of the information will be emailed directly to me.)

  • How will the voiceover be used?
  • Has the script been signed off as a final, and/or given final approval? (10% of script changes are included with all VBF fees, but changes over the 10% limit are subject to additional charges.)
  • Who is the primary target audience?
  • What is the goal for the project?
  • Do you have a music bed picked out or a sample of the kind of music that you will be using? (This helps make sure I know what the tone and tempo of the piece will be.) Please provide a link(s) if possible?
  • Do you have an example of something similar to the project (style, tone, mood)? Can be a commercial, segment from a film, etc. Please provide a link(s) if possible?
  • Is there a total running time (TRT) that you have to adhere to? Or if there’s a general range that you’re trying to stay within, that’s helpful too.
  • What will the final media/platform be for this project?